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This is the site of Bill Farrand and Farr View Consulting.  Bill has a PhD in the Geosciences from the University of Arizona and is an expert in the fields of multi- and hyperspectral remote sensing, acid mine drainage characterization, mineral exploration, and planetary geology. As this site is expanded, content will be added to describe Bill’s experience, past projects that he has been involved with, and topics of interest with regards to Earth and planetary remote sensing. 

Author: DrBill

Bill Farrand has worked extensively in terrestrial and planetary remote sensing. Bill is an expert in the fields of hyper- and multispectral remote sensing. Bill is a participating scientist on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission. Bill has also worked with a number of terrestrial airborne and orbital sensors including AVIRIS, ASTER, Landsat, Hyperion, and WorldView-2 and 3.

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