Mars missions in jeopardy

Space news write extraordinaire Leonard David has a piece in Scientific American detailing how the Trump administration budget for NASA takes the ax to a number of really scientifically productive Mars programs including the Curiosity rover and shutting down altogether the long-lived (and vital for communications with surface rovers) Mars Odyssey orbiter. As a team member of the late, great Spirit and Opportunity rovers, we relied on Mars Odyssey for getting information to and from the rovers.

We’ve accomplished so much in our efforts to understand the early geologic history of Mars and the role that water has played in moulding its surface. To retreat from that now would be a terrible mistake.

Author: DrBill

Bill Farrand has worked extensively in terrestrial and planetary remote sensing. Bill is an expert in the fields of hyper- and multispectral remote sensing. Bill is a participating scientist on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission. Bill has also worked with a number of terrestrial airborne and orbital sensors including AVIRIS, ASTER, Landsat, Hyperion, and WorldView-2 and 3.

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