Mud Volcanoes on Mars

A new paper is out in Nature Geoscience about how sediment flows from mud volcanoes that might have been erupted in the frigid conditions on Mars would morphologically resemble pahoehoe basalt lava flows on Earth. This laboratory result helps to explain some features observed on the northern lowlands of Mars. The authors don’t cite my paper but I had a paper published in 2005 that described how pitted cones in the Acidalia Planitia region were most likely mud volcanoes.

Author: DrBill

Bill Farrand has worked extensively in terrestrial and planetary remote sensing. Bill is an expert in the fields of hyper- and multispectral remote sensing. Bill is a participating scientist on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission. Bill has also worked with a number of terrestrial airborne and orbital sensors including AVIRIS, ASTER, Landsat, Hyperion, and WorldView-2 and 3.

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