Possible signs of life found by Spirit rover

My Mars Exploration Rover colleagues Steve Ruff and Jack Farmer published their work in Nature Communications comparing the silica-rich nodules found by Spirit to biologically mediated silica sinter nodules observed at the high altitute El Tatio site in Chile.  The link to their paper is here.cropped-MOSAICO-LRGB-FINALE.jpg sol1160a_p2582_1_false_l257

Author: DrBill

Bill Farrand has worked extensively in terrestrial and planetary remote sensing. Bill is an expert in the fields of hyper- and multispectral remote sensing. Bill is a participating scientist on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission. Bill has also worked with a number of terrestrial airborne and orbital sensors including AVIRIS, ASTER, Landsat, Hyperion, and WorldView-2 and 3.

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