Bill Farrand, the principal of Farr View Consulting, has a PhD in the Geosciences and over 25 years of experience working with multi- and hyperspectral data for a variety of Earth science applications.  He is available to provide consulting expertise on any number of these areas including:

  • Atmospheric correction of multi- or hyperspectral data
  • Derivation of surface information from multi- or hyperspectral data
  • Mapping or classification of multi- or hyperspectral data
  • Interpretation of reflectance or thermal emission spectral signatures
  • Remote sensing application areas including:
    • Mineral exploration
    • Abandoned mine land remediation
    • Oil exploration
    • Invasive weed mapping
    • Environmental assessments

As a member of the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) science team, and an accomplished public speaker, Dr. Farrand is available to provide public presentations on Mars science and exploration and a number of other space exploration topics.